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A unique plan to change your life!

Your life is about to get a bold makeover… one that will have you experiencing happiness, feeling confident, and attracting real love.

Product Description

1yr-278x300What’s included?

→ Every month you’ll receive e-mails jam packed with ways to embrace a happier, healthier life.

→Personal videos, strategies, deals and discounts from Tara, custom-made for you.

→Monthly tools to help you stay consistent on your wellness path.

→ Stay connected to Tara + The Organic Life team on a one-to-one basis with any questions, coaching needs or comments.

→ New podcasts, guided meditations, videos and recordings of Tara’s greatest talks.

→ You’ll automatically be updated about the latest events, engagements, parties and opportunities in your area!

As a new member, here’s what you get:

▲ One never before heard single of Tara’s. Experience her jazz inspired, soul-fueled firey music first hand and allow it to transform you, energize and evolve you.

▲ One never before heard interview podcast from Tara. Topics include Tara’s life journey, how to live a better, healthier life, and more sustainable options for business owners and entrepreneurs.

▲ One fitness plan from Tara! San Diego Living on the CW has called Tara’s fitness plans “the best way to become your own personal trainer!”

▲An advanced chapter of Tara’s bestselling book, Cured by Nature.

 One coupon code for one of Tara’s Pick of the Month. Always an organic, natural, green product that will  help you on your health journey!

 One guided meditation from Tara. Enter into Tara’s personal daily practice and allow yourself to experience pure bliss.

▲ Special deals and bonus discounts – as a member of The Organic Life you’ll receive a 40% discount on digital programs + inspiring bonus content throughout the year.

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